quarta-feira, 8 de dezembro de 2010

There is no place

There is no place to hide

A loving mirror

There is no place to live

Without a soul

There is no reason

To cry, with all that sorrow

There is no way...

For me wilhout your mind...

Your voice is all

I’ve ever wanted

It touches me, so deep inside!

Your hands are always in my mind

My Love for you was writen in the stars

And now the tears are shinig bright

Today, they fall from the high Sky

Into my eye that cry...

Just for you.

There is no place

To be withought being

There is no place to die

And lie at all

My life is Just an old and sad history

When Love, becomes “forever” more

And somehow...

After so many years...

The heart begins to hurt, again.

Without a way

To find you, close to me.

I just get lost

inside of me.

Márcia Poesia de Sá

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